By: RecentIy03~.

Picture time flowing eternally–
Water ebbing under a bridge
As your fingers reach down
Into fertile silt
And pull out a handful
Of soil and rocks,
Squatting in the current,
You futilely try to build a dam
To preserve the moment–
“This one swears to Saturn
She’ll always be there for her baby,”
She giggled, hot breath beating on cold skin.
Whenever she can make time, is what she really means.
“I’m married,” she offered, grinning,
Flashing a ring in the vampire’s face,
“And you’re strange,” she moaned,
Swearing she’d strip
After he stopped kissing her neck–
She didn’t even feel the bite,
Or notice the blood, dripping
Down her chest like a temporal current of love,
Flowing from her heart to his loin.