By: Feign~

A sad and crazy man
having spent years in a mental ward
had no place to go.
My sad and crazy dad
took him in.
Our “guest” collected TV Guides
Boxes and boxes of old TV guides.
We thought it was funny.
He also thought that people changed the air’
he had to be coaxed to change rooms.
We thought that was funny, too.
Convinced there must be more
we snuck down to the cellar
looking for treasure in the boxes
and found only, old TV Guides
They changed the air!” he cried
when he discovered them out of place
I remember that he cried real tears
as they took him away.
I saw the Lippizzaner Stallions once.
Jaded, I calmly awaited the show
Their stately grace, soft music of hooves
striking sand perfectly
slow building into a beautiful dance
Then they changed the air
the beauty of the dance, grand leaps, electric
they brought me back to wonder,
an unfamiliar place.
An expert in complacency,
love, marriage, children, life and worldly things
I had lost the wonder brought about by leaping stallions,
crazy crying men mourning their only order
in boxed lives of unimportant things.
Years and years after I met him
my husband said “I don’t love you anymore.”
The air suddenly changed in my world
unexpected but very real
It took a long time to pack my boxes of unimportant things
drain the venom that poisoned my ability
to abandon to the grace and wonder
of “the airs above the ground…..”