By: Foxseaone~

When I returned
I slid the ring off my finger
and placed it back on the branch.
The sun seeped through the leaves
and the diamond shivered
in your absence.
I wanted to leave it there.
I wanted the branch to lift it
back to the sky where it began.
I wanted a crow to catch its glimmer,
curl its yellow hooks around it
and fly away.
What difference does it matter.
The stars are too numerous to count.
No one would notice
if I left one of them
No longer do I reach to grasp your hand.
No longer does our laughter fill the ravines.
Years from now
He will return
and discover the past
swollen around the ring.
He will want to know
how a star fell from the sky
and was lost out on a limb.
C.S. Fox