By: lnkweIl780~

Old letters strewn across the page,
in wide scope and deep of age.
Evoked memories abandoned
buried in the sands of yester-years.
It is like looking at a jumbled old
portrait. Imperfect they jut.:
A lyrical “treasure chest” of
silver doubloons buried
in imagined shores of parchment white.
Pirates words of profound penned
plunder gleam afore my eyes as I
dig them up again.
Was it so long ago that
this jewelry of linguistic
fare was buried. A penned pact
of ghostly strands of thought
Neath rocks soil sand and wood rot.
Waves sigh from under my breath
as I bring it back to surface.
I read the old poem like an
old friend, lost but now found…
Holding her hands in mine as
I murmur the last line…
Till next time my dear one
For you are forever mine!