By: Plumbdann~Metalman I would like to tell you about one of the nicest gifts I received this Christmas season . secondly to say, I was privileged to be able to take my god father to his final cancer treatments, I also took him on what id like to believe was his last joy ride .After one of his last treatments on the ride home my aunt and uncle would always make small talk about places they went’ things they did’ reliving there younger days, my aunt chattering away in the back of her new yellow vw bug, me driving and my uncle being copilot. One day I took them down what I call the metal man road .Out in the field of one of the back roads to my house is a welded metal statue . A beautiful spot with large farm house and open fields and woods on both sides. A place where I always drive home to kinda let the echo of a work day fade away. On one of his last treatments we stopped at Dunkin donuts and took this ride back to there house. They had never been on that road before even though it was only just miles from there home. After the ride, while still sipping on his ice coffee. He patted me on the knee and said in his fading voice nice .On the last ride to treatment we all got into the bug halfway threw the drive the pain overcame him and he told me to turn the car around and take him home .As we went up the stairs my uncle told my aunt I’m dying and before she unlocked the door they hugged and we proceeded to go inside .Later that morning out in my field, while loading wood for my fire the magnitude off what I had witnessed dropped me to my knees. I thanked god for having witnessed such a beautiful site .the love of a man and a woman .I don’t think ill ever pass that metal man again and not remember the beauty of that moment .I will miss you uncle John thanks for being such a friend