By: Feign~


 What thought she as the flames

 crept higher as though fed

 by the mobs mindless roar?

 Where now was her bright armour?.

 As the fire caught the rough linen shift

 some saw her lips part in prayer

 eyes lifted toward a dark sky

 begging her God for help

 as her mind broke


 the fire rose and suddenly she smiled

 as a shaft of lightning soared

 down from the pending storm

 and spared her from the flames


 the arc brought her home

 in an instant

 and her last words thanked

 he who loved his children


 Fearless in battle

 She had but one fear in life

 That she would burn

 at the hands of man


 And she had not been home

 for such a long time

 and it was time for this child

 to lay her weapons down and sleep


 and before she became ash

 some said she said “thank you”

 and her body was wrapped in

 the beauty of a thousand colors



feign 2