By: Phaeties~

Give me more than your shirt and your shoes

Give me you heart, Give me your soul

I wasn’t your heat, I need your sweat

Running down the curve of my thighs

Give me your tongue in a heart shaped box

A tenebrous need to feel your hot white seed

Shooting, as your body shutters in release of orgasmic need

I want your lips, drinking from the end of my finger tips

To feel your phallus vibrating, tongues undulating

Silky walls clenching as my legs wrap around your waist

Buttocks clenching, toes curling as my back arches

Show me your fight, Give me new life

Forming deep inside, I need your truth sharp as a knife

Take your fingers and claim this flesh, dig into my supple skin

I need your strength, I feel myself falling over the edge again

Lashes flutter, as hot lips turn to butter, melting into a deepened kiss

Electric blues reflect the need deep inside of you

Give me your heat, your passion and gentleness

Take the wanton edge of passion and turn it to eternal bliss

Like a fiery phoenix reborn from her own hot ashes

Tears cool the rivers of emotions falling from closing eye lashes..