By: NKnightmareB ~


Connected and lost in your eyes

I feel trapped inside;

A moment of tenderness than an eon of anguish;

This is what it is like to be intertwined with me;

Dispair is my comfort and lonliness is my heartbeat;

Why does it have to be so?


If only I could be free of this torment I feel;

To live again outside the coldness of my shattered soul;

But here  I am once again at the mercy of sadness;

Twas it meant to be this way?


Alas I know the answer, I fear I have always known;

Some thing as simple as a warm smile and hot cup of coffee;

Aren’t so simple for me, they never have been;

I just can’t erase the way I am though heaven knows I’ve tried;

Was I always like this?


Maybe to the readers of this it will not make sense;

But to me this is crystal clear;

There is no calm before the storm;

There is no comfort before the agony;

Is there hope?


This is what this means in every essence of the word;

Those feelings of angst just will not subside;

I know this is not what you wanted to hear;

But this is me love me or not;

Can you love someone like this?


If Only you could;

Then perhaps our souls could become intertwined;

Maybe only then can I find warmth in the void;

To Be intertwined with someone that loves me;

Is that what I am missing?