By: NKnightmareB~


He is lonely with his crest of Gold;

A story sad, and as of yet, untold;

A horse to ride of heaven white;

He musters the courage,  and fights the good fight;


He knew the dragon legends lore;

How many had fought and died before;

Yet he was alone, to save the day;

He mounted his steed and sped away;


He knew this fight would be his last;

He remembered his love from a distant past;

The beautiful maiden he was to wed;

The castle burning, the dying and dead;


Twa’s the Dragon who killed his maiden love;

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With brimstone fire from far above;

He had to fight and slay the beast;

But, naught came fear, in the least;


For anger filled his ired soul;

Revenge had turned his heart to coal;

So ride he did to this beast to slay;

And pray tell to god to win the day;


The fight ensued and sword plunged in;

The dragon’ hissed its toothy grin;

And as it fell it gave one last breath;

As they both succumb to fiery death;


The knight had won, but lost his life;

And was reunited with maiden wife;

The lonely tale,  from a legend rose;

Was all in a Knight’s work,Twa’s this vow he chose;