By: XvDarkestNightvX~

Musical screams, an exsanguinated heart,

Heartstrings fray and begin to fall apart

Departure of the sole crescendo,

Cresting waves of a suffering soul,

Stolen breath, the audience in awe,

Awful sounds are made into art,

Start to finish, this symphony enslaves,

It craves attention, it hungers still,

Stilling every breathless protest,

Ingesting their inhibitions like wine,

Finely tuned by a master’s touch,

Such a bittersweet solemn tale,

Vale of sorrow, filled with remorse,

Hoarse now, the music must fade,

Betrayed the muse who gave it power,

Hours become centuries of silence,


Since then, no merciful recompense…





Seasons change, mountains turn to sand,

Rivers run dry, sea withers to land,

But my brutality shall last forever,

Never shall I loosen this hand,

Ever will it bear the brand…


First to shed blood,

To cry remorseful tears,

Left my brother in the mud,

Forgot his name after many years.


All for a sacrifice born of vanity,

Rejection drove me to insanity,

My only recourse was to sever,

Turned sacred ritual into profanity,

Sold for a song my humanity…


Tears become a flood,

As conscience sears,

At that sickening thud,

Confirming darkest fears.