By: XvDarkestNightvX~

Once a lowly thing, unworthy of mention,

A lone purpose consumed my will,

To be what I am not,

Destined to be caught,

Yet I dream of the sky above me still,

I wait, I change, I fulfill my intention.


I seem a lowly thing, underwhelming on my own,

My purpose serves the greater story,

I know what I am not,

I live my life, accept my lot,

I do not dream of flight or glory,

I work, I build, I savor the things I have sown.


I forget my once ugly and ungainly form,

Nascent beauty emerges from a shell

The wind takes me away,

Holds me in its sway,

Lulls me with its gentle spell

Warns me well before a coming storm.


I forget myself amongst the horde,

From nothingness we create beauty,

The crowd keeps me in line,

Reminds me what is mine,

Expedites my important duty,

We are of one mind, one body,  one accord.


You labor endlessly, a never-ending cycle of punishment,

No remorse at the destruction of your wealth accrued.


You metamorphose from solitude to solitude,

So rejoice in the struggle of your vain accomplishment.