Martha APoetWithin

Martha started writing poetry at the age of 54.  She says her inspiration was “__A need to scream and empty the misery from her soul.

 The first poem she wrote was ” THE LONELY MOON”, it was a part of a class exercise, and she remembers that the experience was very surprising. It was in class and other students were gathering around telling me how good it was.

We know Martha as APoetWithin and HeartNGreenEyes on aol.

She first discovered the room by being invited by one of the other regulars and thinks it is a room any poet would appreciate.

Martha’s poetry has been published by, LilBob Enterprises in 2013.

B I T C H   Cover

Book Review

Martha has performed as a spoken word poet in The 2 Idiots Peddling Poetry at The Ugly Mug in Orange CA,

The most valuable lesson, experience regarding her time in LNP:

It is wonderful to have a place where poets can go and be true to their experiences without being censored &  to have ones art appreciated and respected.

You can read her some of Martha’s poetry at:

  Political Poetry  &  The Need To Scream


  Martha Jeanne Stothard

  Orange CA

Screen Name(s) ApoetWithin & HeartNGreenEyes

How long on-line 15 years

Age: 68 Occupation Retired

Education: None:  I am an autodidect

Few People know that Martyha is interested in _Music, Art, visting museums.

Favorite Author….So many but if I have to give one it would be JRR Tolkien

Favorite Book……The Bride of Lammermoor

Favorite Poet…….John Gardiner

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…….

1______My dog

2____My kids

3____My husband

4 ___Open Mic readings

5 ___Being the best person I can be

Favorite Music/Band_____The Metropolitan Opera

Favorite Movie The Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movies plus many others

Favorite Foods Mexican

Favorite Place To Vacation  The coast of California

Favorite Poem…….BACKYARD JUNGLES….by John Gardiner

If you could meet any poet, who would it be? I know John Gardiner and many other really great poets here in So Cal

Favorite Quote  ”Acceptance is the greatest gift of love.”


Top websites you most frequent:

1. The Metropolitan Opera

2. Wikipedia

3. Youtube

I feel that I am one of the most blessed people you could ever imagine. My life is a treatise called From Tragedy to Triumph. I came from a very abusive background. Many abused kids use that as an excuse to abuse but I know that if I did not like it done to me, I should not abuse yet another generation. There is no excuse for child abuse. I have two beautiful daughters. They told my husband and me that we did a good job raising them. One of the most important insights I fell into is the idea that it is an imperative to be honest and to own up to your mistakes. We need to apologize when we make a mistake. You will be respected for your honesty and will teach a life lesson your children they will carry with them forever. My husband is English, he is the first decent man I ever met. My life started the day I met him.  We have been married almost 42 years and he still likes me. That just amazes me. He gave me the greatest compliment I have ever been given. He told me I taught him tolerance. I get tears in my eyes when I think about that. I started this life with very little to smile about. I am in my twilight years with everything to smile about. Every morning when I wake up alive it is an excellent day.