By: Maijana~

 I was here…
 Where Spirits of the light
 cast their magic…
 The moon and stars
 conjured tales and fantasies
 for the young at heart.
 I watched the flame,
 from an oil lamp
 film shadows of cheers
 and laughter on the wall.
 From these windows,
 I heard the windsongs
 of twilight…
 as the sun
 change its robe
 from crimson to gold
 with silver sheen;
 majestic glow
 dancing on the water
 as the river woke
 to the morning light.
 I saw the simple joys
 that set the heart aglow
 the flowers that bloomed…
 roses, gardenias, lilies and all
 picked with care for maidens fair
 Suitors would serenade
 But there too were times so dark.
 The wild bamboos creaked as
 the envious storm willed them to break
 yet resilient they remained,
 stood the wrath of gusty winds.
 And the ylang-ylang?
 Lightning struck so many times
 and always left a crack
 that turned to mark that is black
 but that tree managed to bloom
 It towered toward the moon,
 and lulled the night
 with scented breeze.
 Should courage fail
 When dreams are vague
 Shower me with strength
 That I may sing a good song
 And beat the blows
 Of things that go wrong.
 Bring me a smile
 That would unfreeze the coldness of time.
 And all shall be forgiven
 by:  Maijana