By: Phaeties~


I will paint you lips with silver sex

Hides my secrets within the dark mix

Listless, my shadow sleeps

Fingers pluck  upon the chords

A dance of life and death

Looking upon the forth and fifth


Loneliness, I cleave to you instead

Nothing but lonely sheets in bed

Your body an inanimate feast

My eyes the roaming beast

With each sip my sanity drifts away


It’s your tongue that slips inside to prey

To partake of forbidden fruit

Pleasure, your carnivorous pursuit

I was Stripped and stirred


Her silky voice, crooned and purred

Crying in the wake of night

Of thick spread light

Shorn and shattered


The sheets were tattered

Gleaming eyes

In tandem with long cries

The world was split in two

An unmeasured void, alone with you..