By:  Majiana~

  Sing to me O little heart
  Like a flute from far away
  And I shall follow you….
  Lead me to the path of clearest water
  There, among the flowers I shall lay
  The breeze softens the rock
  Upon which my head I rest
  And for a moment I am free
  Sing to me, little heart, sing to me
  Walk me up to the peak
  Of the blue mountain steps
  That I may touch the clouds
  And hold the lightning
  Like firefly on my hand.
  Sing to me, sing to me now
  Don’t ask me to be tough
  For I may turn callous instead.
  Just sing and help me cry
  Let the rage drown in my tears
  That I may gain myself anew.
  Sing to me… sing to me…
  Sing to me o little heart
 July 5, 2006.