By: SoulProbe7~ 

 I saw the faces of shock

 As I sat on the hard cement

 The color of red bathed us all

 The taste of blood and metal

 Floated in the air like a mist

 People’s mouth were forming words

 Which I could not hear

 I could not  feel

 I could only see

 The dark hand

 Which reached into the soul

 And was choking every person’s essence

 The cold stare in the eyes

 Bodies trembling

 Some not moving

 Other’s giving all of themselves

 In that moment

 And then I heard one heart

 Beating fast

 I turned in all directions

 To find the heart

 I could feel him

 Excited, watching

 As I was

 But his heart was dark

 It was his hand I saw in the eyes

 Holding souls at ransom

 Content in his mind

 That we would all know

 How it feels now

 To be afraid

 April 15, 2013