By: SoulProbe7~


The silence of the room is awakened

By my heart’s beat for you

Candles lit, casting dancing silhouettes

Across my bed, and soft lace curtains

Swaying with butterfly breezes

That carries your breath within my soul

Our love creates passion

Deeper than any questions or reasoning

Beyond any shadows cast upon my soul

To a heartbeat of unity

A history that only you and I can embrace

With such placidness

I bathed myself in your favorite scent

Wear your favorite color

Each moment passing is dreamy

My thoughts are intertwined with us

As the candle burns

The heat melting the wax        

Into curving rivers flowing to its destiny

As the amber flame dims

And the silhouettes fade

I can almost hear echoes

Of your footsteps approaching

Even so, during these moments

I have breathed you, within me