By: Maijana~

 Over the clouds…
 Close to the moon and the stars
 There lies a secret
 Of once upon a time
 Known only to the spirits of the light…
 Down by the streams
 Where lilies grow
 And the suns first rays aglow
 among the amber clouds
 There was story of you and I
 As kids we ran through endless fields
 Chased dragons flies that played on prickly grass
 We sent wishes to the stars
 With sweet stolen kisses..
   Then, there was a man and a woman
 We built our dreams
 Of happy endings
 Dreams of a home
 Of children’s laughter
 and little footprints.
 Did you find my diary?
 Between pages did see
 The story of “you and I”
 A story, yours and mine.
 Read and remember.
 When the sun starts to set
 And the pink clouds frame the skies
 : When the stars begin to glow
 And the moon sits upon its throne
 Remember me…
 You and I had a story
 I, the woman that loved you,
 And you, the man who loved me.
 Among the stars it was written
 Between pages it was kept.
 by:   Maijana