Ron Woodruff started writing poetry at the age of eight years of age. He says his inspiration was “My protestant gospel upbringing primarily. The piece was a gospel song lyric which I sang for many years at church functions. I chose to turn my focus to prose for a while, conjuring the stuff of a young boy’s imagination: Robots, aliens, UFOs, monsters, superheroes, and ghost stories. At the time I was reading books like Call of the Wild, White Fang, A Stitch in time, The Chronicles of Narnia, and numerous others. Even then three books a week wasn’t unusual for me to read. I devoured them all. Of course my style has changed a great deal in the subsequent 40 years. The current main themes are questioning authority, finding the elusive pattern of the universe and believing that as long as there is life, there is hope. That being said, much of my work is darker than me and I feel I can explore it with proper sensibilities. I rarely do biographical work, preferring not to judge the processes of artists.

Secondly, a childhood, teenage years, and my subsequent adult life has been filled by specific aesthetics and genres of music, film, sculpture, and visual art. I’d always read Stephen King up until Misery or Pet Sematary, but as much as I respect his work, I found Clive Barker the one who saw what I saw. Horror and mythology are very often a large part of my poetry. “.

The first poem without music he wrote was called Floaters, which has been through many name changes over the years. It’s a short piece that on the surface tells the story of a little boy sitting in the back seat of his Dads car in a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes and surrounding foliage took on this otherworldly strobe effect. I connected to another situation, using that scenario to bring attention to a very longed for relationship by the male and female characters.  We are stopped by the authorities, released, and went about our lives.

I hesitate to answer because so much of my early seminal work is just frankly, not that good. I think floaters is good, has held the test of time.

With floaters, I used analogy: A lonely man, desperately lonely, is suddenly thrust into a very real possibility that he may have found the real experience of love. In the reality of it all, the “halogen flash of feeling” was very temporary. And the narrative returns to the lonely man, to which the brevity had made the whole experience very unsatisfying”.

We know Ron Woodruff as pnkrk244 on AOL, and BlueDemon77 on Neopoets. He has been a

Main stay in the Late Night Poets Chat since 2002. He first discovered the room by

Late night search and thinks in many ways it has helped him grow a great deal in the craft of poetry and would likely not be trying my experiments with rhythm and structure, were it not for LNP and Neo.

Ron has two very long narrative prose pieces in the works and is still working on the book of poetry “PULP LINES” and looks forward to do justice to all three concepts. There is another horror/science fiction piece that is only taking shape.  “Writing has given me both the ability to not be influenced by those with personal religious affiliations and an open canvass upon which I will put my motifs and perhaps unpalatable imagery. The other is that writing is a life saver. It fills numerous spaces in my life. I try to do the process by doing the best possible work I can do.

His poetry has been published in New Ohio Literary Review and by Ship of Fools press and he is actively seeking publication of a currently unfinished book of poems called : Pulp Lines. Ron has performed his work aloud in both California and Ohio and enjoys the process of performing his own work

Ron has performed as a spoken word poet in Columbus, Ohio and Los Angeles, CA. He is currently active in his local poetry community in Columbus and The Ohio State University.  He says that his favorite poetry

venues are down to earth and not pompous, which is very conducive to support each other and experiment without fear of losing something. Mershon Auditorium at The Ohio State is Ron’s favorite venue.

The most valuable lesson(s) /experience(s) re: his time in LNP _patients, the ability to see the glowing ember of greatness in poems often overlooked by the room. I try to find the hard line between calmly, patiently waiting for good work to surface. The last thing I want to do is stop someone from wishing to continue writing. I’ll offer one on one consultation to discuss issues a young poet is having in achieving a tone, a rhythm, a phrase that will really kick the reader in the ribs.

You can read his poetry at

Late Night Poets

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Name: Ron Woodruff

Where do you Live?: Central Ohio

Screen Name:   pnkrk244@ AOL.com

Origin of S/N : punk rock and a song I wrote called 244

How long on-line : 25 years

How long in LNP: 6

Age: 48

Occupation How dull

Education Dual English / IT bachelors degrees. ____________________________________________________

Few People know that I am interested in Pro Wrestling and an advocate for women’s reproductive rights.

Favorite Author….David Mitchell/ David Cronenberg   (tie)

Favorite Book……Number9Dream

Favorite Poet…….Samuel Taylor Coleridge (Changes constantly)

Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…….

1 cinema, art, sculpture, and music.

2_prose writing


4 Horror Films

5 Football

Favorite Sports/Teams…Ohio State University, Pittburgh Steelers

Favorite Music/Band-punk rock, X, Ramones, Motorhead, Liz Phair, PJ Harvey

Favorite Movie :The Fly (David Cronenberg’s version)

Favorite Foods: salmon, chicken, fish, Kale, Morel mushrooms

Favorite Place To Vacation: Southern California

Favorite Poem…….(for now, this changes constantly)

Form by Ron Woodruff






words in a torrent

meet a dam with tiny holes

and I the boy observing

the trickle or the roar

sticking fingers in to control

volumes, tones


I the aspirant, squeezing

and stretching, strong-arming

nouns, verbs, adjectives

with the wrong size of wrench

I the technician, picking a template

with which to put clever twists

and spontaneous spurts of

un-spermatic lyric

I the lost one, in a wood

where each leaf and weed

is a possibility

uncarefully chosen

to fill each syllable

with words that fit an empty scheme


The forced question:

what is hiding behind metaphor,

empty and accidentally vague

I wasn’t aware when I rose

distracted to the surface

my words lost the goal

when I began to love


and the death-knell of clever,

writing well crafted masks

for truths perhaps to dank

for my courage to touch


In the wilderness, though

the options become conscious

and habits become choices

and I am following my way back

to where the truth,


in words,

is what I


If you could meet any poet, who would it be? Ai

Why did you choose that poet? Neo-surrealism, wonderful ability to evoke emotion.

Current Projects_2 secret prose works, and Pulp Lines, poetry inspired by the pulp novels of the 40’s and 50’s

Favorite Quote: “There is no reuniting, there is no working again. It was just another mushroom that popped up from the fungus that has been living inside me subcutaneously for many years.—Christolphe Waltz

Top five websites you most frequent:

1. Neo-poet

2. Rue Morgue Magazine

3. LNP

4. DeadPit Radio

5. AMC.com

Writing is extremely important to me. I listen to criticism because I want to find out what didn’t work for those criticizing. Love and poetry are two of the best things in the world and are very much worth fighting for.


Ron Woodruff