recentiy 2

Name…Winston Willis

Where do you Live…New Jersey

Screen Name…Recentiy03

Origin of S/N…Back when I made the name, I used to be a

huge fan of the Dave Matthews Band, and the song

Recently is the 3rd song Dave wrote. As for why it’s an

uppercase i, not an l, don’t ask.

How long on-line…More than a decade.

How long in LNP…About a decade.



Education…Seton Hall, Creative Writing

We know Winston as Recentiy03 on aol. 

He has been a

regular in the Late Night Poets Chat since about 2001. He

first discovered the room by chance when he was taking

poetry classes at the College of Charleston and thinks it

is an entertaining place to occasionally read good poetry.

Winston believes the LNP Poets are a quirky group, which

fits well with his own wide variety of interests and all

things strange. He looks forward to poems by a number of

posters and greatly appreciates the venue as a place to

read the work of others and share his own poems.

Few People know that he is interested in …

esoteric artsy movies and dubstep.

Favorite Author….George R.R. Martin

Favorite Book…Would I be cheating if I say the entire Song

of Ice and Fire series?

Favorite Poet…Billy Collins for the voice and  Charles

Bukowski for the content

Winston Willis first remembers reading poetry back in high

school, and recalls quickly identifying with a number of

universal themes. Aside from an assortment of eclectic

interests, he says his actual inspiration and desire to start

writing poetry was due to a number of factors: 1) General

love of the English language–words, sounds, phrases and

the like—in addition to frequently reading whatever he

could get his hands on from an early age 2) His high school

girlfriend, about whom so many of my first poems were

written  3) His evolving perception of the world, being

deeply involved in western ideologies and meditation at an

early age 4) A combination of the foregoing, a lot of the

first poets He read were Walt Whitman, Lord Byron,

William Blake, and He’s always felt a connection to the

Romantic ideas that permeate their work; essentially it was

the same stuff He was reading regarding meditation and

finding a way to live in harmony with the world. Throw in

Jim Morrison and The Doors and in retrospect everything

seems to click.

The first poem He wrote was about none other than an

evolving state of consciousness, or a new way of looking at

the world, and it’s saved in a little red notebook He has

tucked away. While he says it’s not worth sharing, it’s

interesting how the content is clearly influenced by the

stuff He was reading around 1999.



His poetry can really be defined in two phases, and He

initially admittedly had absolutely no clue what he was

doing. He thinks that bears itself out quite well in the

product, the first phase lasting from about 1999-2003, out of

which there are a few readable poems, but most of which

are painfully cliché and trite.


He remembers early on he thought the experience of

writing was itself a lot like meditation, in that He often

felt like more of a proxy for pre-determined thoughts and

actions than a poet. In that regard, another powerful

influence on both his life and his writing was an Indian

guru named Osho; his idea on being self-aware and egoless

are clearly prevalent in his work and through the years

he’s sought new ways to express the same simple yet

universal topics-love, death, & duality.


After not writing very frequently from about 2004-2006, he

started writing again in 2007, and he’s been at it ever since.


His poetry has been published sporadically through the

years, although at the moment He is not currently seeking

to publish most of my poems.


He has some ideas for a book, but nothing is absolute and

connecting everything together is a lot of work. It’s

something he plans on doing in the future and perhaps

when he has a book under his belt he will once again

pursue publishing individual poems.




The most valuable lesson(s) /experience(s) re: his time in

LNP Winston says: he doesn’t know if it is directly

attributable to LNP, but he thinks it’s important to take a

moment to emphasize the process of writing, and moreover

the process of rewriting. Some of my poems have countless

drafts, and even though certain poems might feel quite

natural or fluid, it’s often the result of practice. He says

he knows it sounds cliché–eternal practice towards

perfection. Extrapolating that idea one step further,

there is a noticeable difference in his poems through the

years—he mentioned the two phases—and he’d like to

think they’ve gotten better, which is the direct result of

keeping at it. In fact, he thinks the same can be said for

most of the posters in LNP, many of whom he’s thoroughly

enjoyed watching continue to get better and better as a

result of collaborating and learning from one another. 

You can read some of Winstons poetry at


Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…….

1)…Learning, being curious about everything, Google



4)…Movies/Reality TV


Favorite Sports/Teams…Yankees, Jets and Nets

Favorite Music/Band…This is a tough one since I

really love music. I listen to everything from jam music, to

rock, to rap, to electronic, to jazz, to country and

classical, however, jam music is my favorite, as I feel it ties

many of the above genres together. Music can be a very

transcendental and cathartic experience, and this is

especially true when the music is spontaneous or free-

form; it can really bring a person through a gauntlet of

emotions and I’ve long felt that the experience of

listening to music, and being lost in the music, is incredibly

selfless, which is very similar to the point behind


Favorite current song:


Favorite Movie…Another tough one, or perhaps they’re all

tough since I’m just not very good at quantifying my

favorites, whether movies, music, food, or even women.

What I want to watch at 10 AM on a Sunday is not

necessarily the same as what I want to watch at 10 PM on a

Saturday, so it’s really just a matter of mood and

environment more than ultimate preference. That stated,

probably the most memorable movie I’ve seen in the past

few years was Aguirre: The Wrath of God, which is a

spectacular movie that was incidentally recommended by

one of my former poetry professors. I’ve since become a big

fan of Herzog’s documentaries. The most recent movie I’ve

seen is The Seventh Seal, which was also really cool—-

special thanks to St. Vincent (Annie Clark) for the

recommendation. Likewise, I really enjoy movies depicting

the medieval time period, especially when they invoke

religious undertones—Andrei Rublev, The Name of the

Rose. And fantasies, of course. Finally, it would be an epic

fail to omit Stanley Kubrick in this section.

Favorite Foods…I’m a rather picky eater, so I tend to stick

to meat and potatoes.

Favorite Place To Vacation …My mom works for Delta, so

I’ve been most fortunate with regards to traveling, as I

used to fly for free and can still occasionally fly on

discounted buddy passes. I recently got back from seeing

Italy and had an incredible time in Rome and Florence.

Favorite Poem…….Anthony by Chalres Bukowski



and the hedges wet in the rain, flaking in a sheet of wind,

and for a moment everything working: rusty bells, April

birds, unblushing brides, anything you can name that has


died, so exactly, and even the wind like a lover’s hand,

a somehow important wind, something too like sleep or

slain enemies,

and the feet move through paths not restricted by the

bull-goaded mind,

and see–all and everywhere–hedges in the rain

like great cathedrals now, new Caesars, cats walking,

new gods without plug or wire, love without wasps,

new Christians, bulls, Romes, new new leaves, new rain

now splashing through the fire; and I close the door, old


I fall upon the couch, I sweat

and I cough I cough small words

lions bearing down through coffee cups and puddles, I

sigh, Cleopatra. Not for either of us, but for the rest.

And in the end, for starters, figuring out what I want to

do for the rest of my life. I am not entirely sold on being a

lawyer, although at this point I’ve accrued enough skills as

a paralegal that I’m part of me feels like it would

something of a waste to avoid law school. And while I enjoy

helping other people with their problems, and find some of

the work very interesting, there is part of me that still

wants to do something in which I’m genuinely interested.

So, if not law school, then I will likely apply to grad

school, but I feel like I need to be certain before I decide

to go one way or the other, and at this point I’m

undecided. I’m trying to set goals relative to my interests,

yet people around me are consistently urging me to shape

my goals around what best benefits my future, and therein

lies the rub, as I’ve so long believed, and still believe, that

living in the present moment is the key to happiness, it just

isn’t always practical.

Top five websites you most frequent:

1. Drudge Report

2. Pandora.com

3. Panicstream.com

4. bt.etree.org

5. Divinecosmos.com