By: DarkBlueDominion~

 stalking your very breath
 that lingers in the air,
 sensing the ferocity of the
 passion of my stare,
 igniting internal hunger
 that rages deep within,
 and once the tide is turned,
 my craving just begins,
 building from the moment
 I first laid eyes on you,
 it just began to simmer
 there was nothing I could do,
 although I am the hunter
 I feel taken so complete,
 I shake and begin to quiver
 with the fever from your heat,
 I long to consume you
 and drink your every drop,
 once this thirst is built,
 there’s no way to be stopped,
 traveling in the shadows
 concealed by the night,
 I’m prowling all around you
 but you’ll never feel fright,
 you feel comfort in my presence,
 like a gentle stirring breeze,
 now as I gaze upon you
 from the branches of the trees.
 -06 -DominionPress-