By: DarkBlueDominion~

the most beautiful eyes
that I have ever seen,
I recall seeing them once
from deep within a dream,
I know these eyes from
within my memories halls,
though I’ve never really seen
them ever before at all,
they are of the most
enchanting emerald green,
with tones of crystal blue
swirling in between,
I am entranced from
just their simple gaze,
never has such brilliance
been seen in all my days,
then when her emerald eyes
look right straight at me,
brilliant pure perfection
is all I ever see,
this alone is not
all the crowning jewel,
because upon a goddess
they do truly rule,
but all of her beauty
shines through as well,
when she came along
my mind began to swell,
struck me with the force
of a lightning blow,
now the rhythms of my heart
cannot be controlled.

-2007- DominionPress-