By: DarkBlueDominion~ 

let me gaze at you for
one moment, just to feast my eyes,
you have such beauty,
like of which i’ve never seen,
but then again i dont believe
a woman such as you
has ever been,
you are so precious
my one eternal love,
as i slip up behind you
embracing like a glove, as i kiss the back of your neck
nuzzling your hair in my face,
enveloping your body as my fingertips begin to trace,
feeling pure perfection
of your body smooth and round,
your curves are oh so pleasant
my joys they do abound,
i work myself around you
still kissing all the while,
as our glances intertwine and meet
you cant help but show a smile,
i cannot get enough of you
i am famished for your taste,
as my hands drop lower
slipping around your waist,
i feel your heartbeat pounding
as i caress you and start
to kiss your mouth and lips,
i feel the sway and movement
of your soft and luscious hips,
i feel your fire burning
as your body cries out for more,
i lose myself in passion
as your being i explore,
let me love you baby
like you always have deserved,
let me hear you cry and scream
like you never have been heard,
lose ourselves in pleasure
eclipsing thought and time,
as we reach together,
the melding of the mind.


06 -DominionPress-