By: DarkBlueDominion~ 

I sailed deep within this dream
partook of pleasures rarely seen,
a glimpse of that which I had craved
but never had achieved,
I knew this time I had found
a true immutable love,
that certain perfect essence
a true gift from above ,
the love of a lifetime
that always I had sought,
an absolute sureness
which cannot be bought,
but I always told her
this is to good to be true,
she said no my love
I belong to you,
I told her she was
the woman of my dreams,
she said that she was
the woman of my reality,

swore forever she would be mine
forever and beyond the end of time,
but then she said that
first she had to fly away,
but promised to return
again to me some day,
now sadly it didn’t happen
and still I don’t know why,
after I had risen
as high as the sky,
now I have fallen
right out of the clouds,
like a raindrop plummeting
fast towards the ground,
crashing back into
real reality once more,
dropping and sinking
deep down to the muddy core,
taking my place amongst the crowd
just another dreamer of dreams,
as significant as a another
droplet in the vast and mighty sea,
to be cast forth like water
running down a drain,
descending in the madness
of all this seething pain,
humbled in an ocean
of a billion bleeding hearts,
in this realm of wishful dreams
I find myself back at the start.