By: DarkBlueDominion~

never has such softness
ever graced my hands, skin like liquid velvet my mind it does command,
so inviting to the touch there’s no way to resist,
i truly have been blessed
to be graced with her kiss, eyes like pools of chocolate
with caramel swirled around,
a goddess such as this
never had i found,
radiating beauty from
way down deep inside,
a woman of her grandeur
i thought id never find,
a touch like from an angel
with healing in her hand,
never has such beauty
graced the eyes of this man,
a mouth and lips like heaven just makes you stop and melt,
never had such passion
nor pleasure had i felt,
i love her more than any love
that i have ever known,
now the greatest gift of love
to me truly has been shown.