By: CCPoems4U~

(as told by the Giant)

Hi, it’s me the Giant, and
I’ve come to say hello,

I know it’s quite
unusual,  as far as Giants go.

I’ve something that I’d
like to say, I promise to behave,

If I just can get
permission from my alter ego Dave.


Well, he doesn’t seem to be
around, I guess that it’s OK,

Hope I’m not interrupting
you from you normal busy day.

I know you’ve read the
stories, bout me and ol’ YoBob.

Some may make you giggle
and some may make you sob.


But the reason I exist at all, and live back of your mind,

Is to remind you all
there’s always hope , during every troubled time.

And when you believe within
your Heart,  there’s nothing you can’t do.

Please, keep in mind this special night,  I’ve come here just for you.


Dave tells me, your all
Poets,  Think he’d like to be one too,

He tells me how enjoyable
is the time he spends with you,

Your word all inspire him
to write his little rhymes,

A big smile always on his
face, must be having a good time.


The Poets words are
special, for all the world to share,

In every Late Night Poets
Heart, holds a gift so very rare.

It’s not the gift of
rhyming or of capturing the crowd,

But of taking inner, secret
thoughts and saying them aloud.


All Poets seem to have that
Knack,  and I’m awful glad they do,

If it wasn’t for my buddy
Dave ,  I’d not be here with you,

Please, continue with your work, my friends, but please keep me in mind,

When your in need of inspiration
or a word to fit or rhyme.


I’m only just a thought
away, works every single time,

Just say my Name , right
out loud, and repeat this little rhyme.

“Giant if you’ll share a
word, it will help my poem end,

Thank you Giant, that fits
perfect, your a Poets bestest friend”

By The Giant    08