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Blue has been on-line since 1999 and has been

a member of LNP since 2004

He was looking for a good room.

He says he the liked the room and the group of people

were good.  

Blue started writing in 2005,

he says he had tried some more lyrical

stuff years before but, it just didn’t pan out.

The room inspired him to try his hand at poetry.

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 Blue says he just tried to “Paint with Words”

Seems an Artist was born.

One of his first poems was titled….

Amongst My Thoughts


I sit here amongst my thoughts

in astonishment,

moved to places only pondered,

wrapped in a love

only dreamt of until now,

my spirit is lifted soaring

through clouds that softly

boil in the sky,

she alone takes me to where

things shine crystal clear,

at once,

all purpose is realized .


-2005 -DominionPress-


Blue states he likes the New LNP room he says the

atmosphere is good and so far the people have been nice.


Charles / Buzz

Blue lives in Michigan

Origin of S/N    -a mood-

Blue is 55 years old, Single He likes the mountains but does

admit that the beach is nice as well.

He is currently retired from General Motors

he spends his time writing poetry and painting


Blue says music is his biggest artistic inspiration,

and that his emotions inspire his poems.

His Favorite Author is J.R.R. Tolkien

Works of J.R.R. Tolkien

His Favorite Book is:  Count of Monte Cristo

His Favorite Poet is Patti Smith Blue says if he could meet

any poet it would be her. He says she is one of his rock

heroes, and that she was from Michigan for a while.

Favorite Poem….Awake By Jim Morrison…

James Douglas ‘Jim’ Morrison


Shake dreams from your hair

My pretty child, my sweet one.

Choose the day and

choose the sign of your day

The day’s divinity

First thing you see.

A vast radiant beach

in a cool jeweled moon

Couples naked race down by it’s quiet side

And we laugh like soft, mad children

Smug in the woolly cotton brains of infancy

The music and voices are all around us.

Choose, they croon, the Ancient Ones

The time has come again

Choose now, they croon,

Beneath the moon

Beside an ancient lake

Enter again the sweet forest

Enter the hot dream

Come with us

Everything is broken up and dances.

Blue is currently working on putting together

a book of poetry.

Blue’s top 5 interests outside of poetry…….

1_Music  _ Rock /Too many to name,

all the rock classic greats_,

Beatles, Lennon, Hendrix, Doors, Zeppelin, Who, Pink Floyd,

Bowie,  Lou Reed,  Iggy,  some Stones

after those Blue asked me how much  time I had…lol  

He currently is listening to the sounds of

Black Angels, Tool, Joy Division, A Perfect

Circle,  just to name a few.

2_Movies _ Some of his favorite movies are

Almost Famous, Bram Stokers Dracula

just to name a couple….The list is long.

Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep are a couple

of his favorite actors/Actresses

3_Sports _ Favorite Sports/Teams…_Hockey-Detroit Red


Football- Detroit Lions, Nascar- Dale Earnhardt Jr. ,

Baseball –Detroit Tigers

4 _Art / Painting _Blue started painting in the Mid 90’s his

inspiration for the art was formed in his younger years by

admiring the skills of others.

His likes most art, from Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, to

Rembrandt,  Monet,  Manet, Van Gogh, to Jackson Pollock,

and a lot of others in between.

Favorite periods are probably renaissance, realism,

impressionism, abstract expressionism.

but he likes  art from all eras and genres.

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5_ Paranormal / Manson Murders _Few People know that

Blue is interested in the paranormal and the Charles

Manson Murders He says he enjoys a lot of the paranormal

shows on TV…but he has an interest in

the local Urban Legends in his area…

One of those being Dunn’s Tomb

He finds the Manson Murders interesting in the aspect of

How one mans mad genius could draw in so many with his

almost demonic presence.

Favorite Quote  (Wizard of Oz) 

“Pay No Attention to That Man Behind the Curtain” ….

I am the great and powerful DarkBlueDominion

Blue is one of our “True” Late Night Poets …. Many a night

he can be found in Late Night Poets Room scrolling and

enjoying the company of friends into the wee hours. . He

enjoys everyone’s contribution…from the beginner’s first

time post, to the seasoned veteran’s best.  He knows sharing

work is a risk, and he always tries to see the best in the

work of others. His poetry surely takes in a large spectrum

of topics. Stop in and see him some night. He’d be glad to

meet you.