By: CCPoems4u~




I’m Paddy Flynn McMichael,

And me stories rather grim.

Me Family’s reputation

Goes back to me Uncle Jim.


Me fist be known for Donegal,

Down to Kilkenny town.

And ner there ever been a man,

To knock ol Paddy down.


Me stubborn Irish temper,

had got me in some scuffs

But when it came to fightin,

Seemed I never had enough.


From boxing rings to taverns,

And Pubs throughout the land.

Many a man had come to town,

To test ol Paddy’s hand.


Last Sunday walking home from church,

I spied a wee girl walkin‘.

I smiled and said Good morning Miss,

And we commenced to talkin‘.


I said, me name is Paddy,

And I’ve not seen you around.

She answered, your that bully,

From the other side of town.


My life it flashed before me eyes,

She’d put me in my place.

I knew that I had met my match,

In that angelic face.


Somehow that fateful meeting,

Has truly changed my life.

No more drinkin, no more brawlin,

And that girl became my wife.


As a tough guy, once upon a time,

I’ll try to make this clear.

When she asks domestic questions,

My answer is “Yes Dear”


D.O. Smith  07’