By: Foxseaone~

 “I miss your voice” she said.
 And I was tempted to call her back,
 but I waited hoping to just leave a message later
 because I don’t really want to have the conversation
 Where I tell her what I really think
 And she only wants to hear good things.
 She announced on facebook.
 Finally feeling worthy?
 I knew she would but hoped she wouldn’t
 Especially with him.
 He announced what an asshole he was months ago.
 Threatened by my existence and influence on her as a friend.
 I suppose they are perfect for each other
 She can’t cook, and he brags about how awesome his cooking is.
 She can’t find a decent job, hates to work and he brags about how awesome his job is.
 She is socially inept and naïve, and he is a master manipulator.
 She is crazy, and his last wife wound up in a mental ward.
 Yes, I am not surprised they wound up engaged.
 But how is it, two fuck ups find each other
 And here I am just simply screwed without the screwing?
 C.S. Fox