By: CCPoems4U~

Unseen, unheard and unannounced,
My demise is what they seek.
Lasers, Radar, can’t detect,
A shadow so to speak.
With control so deadly accurate,
It terrifies to think,
I could take a bottle out,
As they tried to take a drink.
This Godforsaken Desert,
claimed the lives of some brave men,
And if they could come back to us,
They’d do it all again.
Just what makes a soldier ?
Is there something deep inside,
Another man might drop his gun ,
And simply run and hide.
But not the U.S. soldier,
Though he knows that he could die,
He’ll answer each and every call,
Without a reason why.
Sorties of another kind,
Planned by Military Geeks,
Mistakes made by computers,
That makes this desert reek.
I’m just an aging soldier,
trying, to overcome my fears,
And make it to retirement
And live through twenty years.
I’ve been shot at, each and every time,
I’ve been order up to fly,
And somehow found it in me,
to give it one more try.
I’m not sure where I’m going ,
Until I’m almost there.
They guide me with remote control,
As if they had a pair.
But when it comes down to it,
Inside I’m still a boy,
Cruising Arab neighborhoods,
in a million dollar toy.
Every Battle, every Mission,
His thoughts are drawn to home.
The lonely thoughts of Soldiers,
In the Desert all alone.

D.O. Smith 07