By: Feign~

 I’m not simple but I love simplicity
 I find it’s so complicated just to be
 if I piled all things I desired as a child
 there might be just one thing in that pile
 As time passed the pile grew very tall
 material and mental things all called
 of faith, I thought that I could see
 that it was all around, but not for me
 for love eventually toppled the big pile
 of wishes, wants and needs it all defiled
 the base of my desires was just love
 it’s tentacles crept though all things above
 love so strong can still so fragile be
 apparently it turned out so, for me
 it was the one thing that I let me trust
 now I wander aimless in its dust
 but from this crash, I think I now know
 I can start with trust and let it grow

 faith in life-stuff will begin again
 and I’ll forgive the frailty of men.