By HappyHazelEyes~adult content eye

“Let me take you, trust in me”
As he turned her palms up to kiss them
Pressing his lips to one and then the other
“Let me show you how I truly feel”
Cupping her face and stroking
Her cheeks with his thumbs
As his fingers slid back into her hair
“Let me take you”, as his lips cruised over hers
He asked for complete surrender
And surrender was a lot to ask
She gave him her mouth and
Then she gave him her body
They were dancing again, circling,
Swaying as the dreamy pleasure
He offered slipped into her like rich wine
“Let me take you”. He whispered
He was murmuring in her ear about
Her skin, her scent as he stroked over her
She felt like she was floating not dancing
Giving him what he wanted, she surrendered
Though it was slow, he could feel it
That gorgeous yielding of self
Undressing her as they danced
Taking almost painful care
Taking almost painful pleasure
As he removed each barrier that
Blocked his hands from her flesh
Slowly inch by inch she yielded
It was erotic, dancing in the firelight
The candlelight her naked body
Pressed close to his while he
Was still completely clothed
The light played over her skin
The chill making her shiver
Under his adoring hands, feeling
Her pulse jump under his mouth
Her breath catching as he touched her
Jerking as sensations overwhelmed
Digging her nails into him as he
Began the serenade of love
Little tortuous stokes that
Had her breath going short and harsh
His own blood pumping madly
“Let me take you” he whispered
Her body plunged and melted against his
Eyes glazed and stunned by emotions
He poured her unto the bed
And she watched him as he undressed
Skimming his finger over her leg
Lifting it and bending it he rubbed
His lips along her calf
“So much more I want of you”
Yes, so much more he wanted
And surrendering to it, to him
Gave him all he wanted
The deepest, darkest pleasures
Quivered inside of her
As he exploited and explored
Taking and taking
Until they both reached ecstasy


By Kathy Lynn