By: DarkBlueDominion~


 in the mystic twilight of morning
 she is safely nestled in his arms,
 a perfect touch of comfort
 sways her with hypnotic charms,
 as he begins to kiss her a soft current
 ignites and slowly starts to build,
 a release of new found blocked emotions
 that have not yet been fulfilled,
 his tender deep caressing sends her
 to a place she has never been before,
 spinning into another realm void of her
 surroundings she doesnt feel here anymore,
 she falls into a dream and floats
 to heights shes never known,
 slips to points of pleasure as she drifts
 toward destinations he has shown,
 erupting in a brilliance that nearly
 blinds her mind, making senses stretch,
 unconciousness approaching

 from the love he does possess.



07 -DominionPress-