By: DarkBlueDominiom~ 


 electrified entanglement,
 pulses races wildly
 exhilarating the mind
 to fever pitched spasms of delight,
 raging through the bloodstream
 palpitating the heart into erratic beats,
 blinding the brain into oblivion,
 seemingly simple acts of
 pressing subtle lips together
 in ritualistic union,
 yet instant combustion
 igniting the senses
 into a fury of feelings void
 of description,
 slamming the soul with
 colossal magnitudes of delirium,
 the essence of a kiss,
 so basic in form
 but monumental in force,
 driving passions to levels of bliss,
 pure pleasure in an instant
 from such a simple act,
 branding the brain
 with the magic of the moment
 imprinted in the mind,
 tattooed in our memory
 with indelible visions
 that are with us for all time.