By: Phaeties~

Sands of time are whispering over tawny skies
As a mirage of spilled paint wets the black canvas of night
Translucent silks waving like a banner over a lithe femme form
Fail to conform to the future gaze of her melting jade eyes
Ritual lips kiss the waving air as her face wanton looks on with loving stare
An Egyptian flower blooming over parched land, her feet trespass upon sand
Exodus from colored fabric cell, brings her to the wayside of an oasis
Watched, hungry eyes, eat her form, through her clothes and other damp places
Sun kissed persona emerges, from the brush, Her form backs away in a rush
Two differing worlds, lock i n stature, Her form mocking the goddess likeness of a perfect statue
Broken spirits open to sing, no words ebbed for the stars to listen, forms orbit each other
Sun and Moon in celestial paths, would but break gravity’s pull, to join with the night’s passionate lull
Night’s silver angle is wrestled to the ground, golden Solaris releasing his kissing rays,

lets his visage capture her full pure form in a lucid gaze
Relenting to the power of the stars, her body swoons, breeched,

 his body becomes the anchor to the sea of pleasure, sure to amaze
Written reality is pressed into the cold earth, her legs wrapping round his body, forgetting all pulses surge within
Gods of fate, fall from the sky, for heaven is where the pair dwell, a midnight parody of pleasure’s rhapsody
A duet of echoes, reverberate with life’s spinning innuendos, Sprits dream and spill into the air-