By: DarkBlueDominion~

 i long for her touch
 the pressing of her skin,
 the taste of her essence
 that flows deep within,
 to feel of her body
 so soft and so warm,
 pleasures my senses
 with unspeakable form,
 an epiphany of grandeur
 that only she can release,
 my heart it beats louder
 till madness it brings,
 euphoric eruptions
 swallow my mind,
 as passions rush through me
 erasing all time,
 estatic emotions
 race through my blood,
 eclipsing all reason
 with grace of her love,
 driven to the brink
 of insanities door
 her inner most secrets
 for me to explore,
 to die in her arms
 is my final wish,
 to expire in the moment
 of her eternal kiss.



-06 -Dominion Press-