By: DarkBlueDominion~


blood trickles down her pale neck
dripping from two tiny specks,
two small holes not far apart
but leading straight into her heart,
seducing rhythms pound the brain
she cannot wait for him to feed again,
drawn into his wanton spell
in every thought he does dwell,
contagious grip infects her soul
taking with it a heavy toll,
she feels herself wither from within
as something else new begins,
she cant avoid this frantic lust
all she craves is his magic touch,
then he arrives with the night
she becomes his slave void of fright,
begging for his dark caress
as she starts to tear her dress,
he grabs and pulls her by the hair
as shes entranced by his piercing stare,
kissing madly he bites her lip
first taste of blood he does sip,
violent passion then erupts
he enters her with grinding thrusts,
then searching out them tiny specks
he bites down deep into her neck,
they reach together a blinding light
and fly away into the night.


07 -DominionPress-