By: DarkBlueDominion~

 something lies in wait for night
 building strength with loss of light,
 and once the last rays of the sun are shown
 tis when another side of darkness grows,
 then rising up into the night
 cloaked forces of the air take flight,
 descending on their victims home
 as the chosen prey is asleep alone,
 slipping silent into the room
 a crawling shadow of impending doom,
 tearing gently her soft night clothes
 he sinks his fangs deep into her soul,
 consuming with lust her lifes blood
 they rise together and float above,
 she wakes with moans and grasps the air
 as she opens her eyes theres noone there,
 she wrestles in vain against his hold,
 but taken complete under his control,
 deadly passion rules her head
 as crimson drops fall to her bed,
 ravaged to the point of her last breath
 he stops just shy this side of death,
 then he lays her softly down
 and wraps her back into her gown,
 as he ascends she sees his face
 then he is gone without a trace,
 except for the marks upon her skin
 and a burning hunger from deep within.



07 -DominionPress-