By: CCPoems4U~

 Withstanding midnights dark review, by chore yet vented,
 as uncharted rage beyond all former tantrums, similar yet hardly new,
 New in its uncertain manner, manner cited right on cue.
 In my maddened state, retaliation comes to mind,
 lagging far, yes far behind. This by design, and held in true,
 then sworn in promise, lest forgotten Father,
 Father holds my heavy heart, in his ever fleeting words avenging,
 Those who took form him from his love and fortune, where his final wish,
 accursed, should follow me, follow me until the last,
 Renewed by this, a sworn vendetta, upon his rivals, left to me,
 observed by you, seen and sampled as I move ,
 move or think or plan in private, by virtue of each and every thing I do.
 I must tolerate the ever watchful eye, of you. You, yes you,
 a constant, I spend my life within your view.
 My rage as seen through eyes, assaulted by the wishes of a Loving Father,
 Father in addition, to the likes of you. How could you plot, entrusted,
 Entrusted to avenge My Father, How could you plan his vengeance,
 minus my consult. A diety are you,
 sent form the depths of hell in exchange for a mortal soul,
 but who, Not , who would make this so called contract.
 Father, what have you done ?
 I shall carry out my Fathers wishes,
 my name forever tarnished but will serve anew. As proof to you,
 yes Satan’s Flunkie, the work of any well trained Monkey,
 to you and just to you, sent to witness retribution of the of those
 in darkest shadows hiding, hiding since the deeds as since recorded,
 as they heartlessly my Father slew. And this will rest with just us two.
 And I will carry forth this burden, to the my final meeting with the Almighty,
 as I stand in judgment of my life, to witch I’ve thrown away.
 Yet my love of Father shall , far exceeds my fear of death
 and the damnation that awaits me, as I have bitten more,
 far more than I could ever try to chew, I state this once and swear
 its true, yes true, as I dare share with you.
 Step aside Demonic Minion, hear and heed , this, my opinion,
 You will go to where you came and never dare repeat my name,
 I will do my Fathers bidding, then sacrifice my soul forbidding,
 As it stands, return to hell success , of course , your Satan tell.,
 AS Vengence in my Fathers name, while her my mortal soul, shall thus remain.
 Dear Father, I must send my love, as I have chosen from above,
 Your retribution shall remain, and I shall live my life in shame,
 In shame to those, who fail in spirit, His Name aloud, some fail to hear it.
 D.O. Smith 10