By: RickInSATexas~adult content eye

Opening the rose
My lips to your lips
Tongue probing and testing
Gently opening the rose
And softly caressing
The strawberry bud
Within it’s soft fold
I swim in your sweetness
Inhale the compelling smell
Of love’s completeness
Untill your scents
Become my own
Of your sweet nectar
My tongue is tasting
Is softly swirling
Now slowly hastening
That glorious moment
When you lose control
Your hips quickening
and softly thrusting
Up against my lips
So willing and trusting
Your body is shaking
Pleasure taking control
Your voice is rising
and then falling
And it is my name
You are calling
Calls now merging
Into a beautiful moan
Then comes the moment
Of ultimate sharing
The very deepest
Of loving and caring
When our infinite attraction
Turns softly and then slowly
Into a deeper satisfaction