By: CCPoems4u~

 Weighing heavy on my soul at times, I sit humbled here today
 I’ve come this far without a word, in that jungle this should stay.
 Atrocity, Is just a word, unsuitable I would say.
 There is no word to capture, what went down there on that day.
 Names are unimportant, I could never rat them out,
 The sounds of children screaming, “Tell me God, what’s this about”
 Men you’ve known a few months, you think you know them well,
 Then only seconds later, their actions raise such doubt.
 Under orders to take a mountain side, two villages included.
 V C strong holds we were told, Intelligence concluded .
 That’s all the men would need to hear, they put their war face on,
 The Villages were laid to waste, just smoke and death met dawn.
 Is it fear or hate that drives a man, randomly, to kill,
 Transforming God’s creation, to a monster, if you will.
 As my twisted gut observing, guilt I feel until this day,
 And lay my soul upon you, this confession if I may.
 Where could I have made a difference, two enemies to face,
 As I turned my back to this and more that day, this sin I can’t erase.
 Idly I stood by, through murder rape and more,
 And to this day I held my peace, your forgiveness I implore.
 Think not less of me I pray, frail human I may be
 But this day I failed my mission to help keep all mankind free.
 My duty call for me to give , all I have to give.
 If I could have saved just one Villager, I’d have earned my right to live.
 So I the big time poet, Senior citizen, it’s true.
 Have come to write reality, From deep within me, shared now with you.
 Live long in healthy, seems fad,yet not always is it true,
 When the you carry guilt of years gone by, with the wish to start anew.
 D.O. Smith 13