By: DarkBlueDominion~ 

 silhouettes of the trees

 are etched deep,

 as the full moon

 ascends and breathes,

 shedding its illuminations

 upon the night,

 caught for a moment

 an ancient light,

 invokes magic and myths

 that come alive,

 igniting the dark

 as dancing deities arrive,

 they frolic in the warm

 and subtle glow,

 as words from the Black Book

 of Caermarthen flow,

 embracing the nocturnal

 warmth of the hour,

 confident in the strength

 of their power,

 that which once was lost,

 now is found with such cost,

 a world of enchantment

 now unfolds,

 forgotten tales now

 spoken and told,

 a rebirth in the

 light of the night,

 as the full moon

 comes into sight,

 all time now is stopped,

 as the darkness grows so hot,

 expectations build so high,

 tis when nights secrets

 transpire and fly.