By: PhxDreams~


What is this that hinders me,
 Binds me to this spinning orb?
 What is this cage of bones
 and flesh which clothes with no warmth?
 I can hear you,
 Deep inside my head.
 I know your voice,
 I speak to you without words.
 Can you hear me?
 Where are you?
 I know you’re there.
 Why don’t you answer me?
 Why have you placed me here?
 You never returned what my extended arms yearned.
 So, I raced as fast as these feet would take me.
 What is the purpose of this being?
 I seek you in the dark hours,
 Searching, until I am overcome by vertigo.
 I emerse myself within water.
 Drowning my ears and taking weight away from this body?
 This floating is as free as I can get to flying.
 Still, hindered with mirrored stars behind me.