By: CCPoems4U~


McGraw, McGettigan, Damn, Trollee,
Be gone Ya Bollix fool,
Should ya mention that Protestant Poison twice,
I’ll knock you off that stool.
Tis the Jamison Blend we swallers here,
Blessed nectar of the Pope,
Say Bushmills in this Pub, Me Chum,
And we’ll wash yer mouth with soap.
Sean, Me Boy, allow me,
To offer ya good advice,
That a Jamison man is worth his weight,
No matter what the price,
Take yer Bushmills out the back,
and serve it to the sewer,
Tis the Devils brew, fer true, me boy,
Accursed is the brewer.
Join me in a toast, me friend,
To the Papes of Donnie’s Glen,
Or we’ll show ya to the door , young lad,
Ner welcome her Again.
D.O. Smith 08