By: CCPoems4U~


Me name is Max Mahoney,
And I do the Irish Jig,
You can guess, of course, I’m Irish.
Just the same as Paddy’s Pig.
From Dublin town to Belfast,
I’m known throughout the land,
In fact, I’m much more famous,
Than McNamara’s Band.
When I belt out in me Tenor voice,
The ladies, they all swoon,
They sway and flash their Irish eyes,
As I sing me Irish tunes.
The Gents all buy me shots and beers,
And gladly I accept,
At risk to shame the Irish Race,
As an Irishman inept.
In every Pub and Tavern,
I’m always such a hit,
But as the Barman gives his last call,
I’ve over done it just a bit.
And the night ends, just as usual,
Again I’m all alone,
As this drunken Irish Tenor,
Begins his Lonely journey home.
D.O. Smith 08