By: PNKRK244~

 Over my face, my hat hung low
 to hide the side a few would know
 drinkin’ in uncandle lit space
 my hat hung low over my face
 justice was lost and justice done
 I owned a pound and lost a ton
 no outlaw saw the lawman’s cost
 justice done and justice lost
 a woman’s love, the trump card held
 of twenty men, eighteen were felled
 I stood wounded as did Jack Cove
 the trump card held, a woman’s love
 through smoke and blood, my eyes saw
 fair Rosita in Cove’s maimed claw
 “Drop them irons now in the mud”
 My eyes saw, through smoke and blood
 His Colt pressed hard against her back
 My twitch would surely launch attack
 I dropped my guns down in the yard
 against her back his Colt pressed hard
 In this foul game, I held no fight
 Cove’s rope pulled around my neck tight
 For Rosita I would fall to shame
 I held no fight in this foul game
 Cove had a win, a rival beat
 a flaming board he picked for heat
 he pressed the embers in my skin
 a rival beat, Cove had a win
 In flame my face burned to the bone
 Rosita screamed and water thrown
 Cove shot her dead shouting my name
 my face burned to the bone in flame
 Shadows smiled burnt teeth exposed
 Cove lives west safe safe and composed
 I live dead for revenge riled
 burnt teeth exposed shadows smiled