By: CCPoems4U~

 Beyond all expectations,
 Beyond your wildest dreams,
 Beyond your deepest secret,
 And carefully planned schemes.
 Beyond your calculations,
 Beyond your every goal,
 Depending on our point of view,
 Beyond your heart and soul.
 All you ever dreamed of,
 All that you hold dear,
 All the strength you’ll ever need,
 To defeat your darkest fears.
 Beyond all limitations,
 And so obviously true.
 You never stop to realize,
 This is all describing you.
 Its you who‘s words inspire,
 You who we entrust,
 To share a Poets deepest thoughts,
 Of passion and of lust.
 Take us on a magic trip,
 Share your thoughts of Love,
 Write of flowers in the spring,
 And the twinkling stars above.
 Write you words of passion,
 Of beauty and delight,
 For those in need of Poets words,
 To help them through the night.
 Sail on, Sail on, Sailor,
 Tack your downwind breeze,
 And tell of birds and spirits,
 Who play among the trees.
 Show us bits of nature,
 Your words will leave no doubt,
 As you share with every Reader,
 Just what Poetry’s about
 D.O. Smith