By: HeadlessZombie z~

She wouldnt let me love her
Always so preoccupied with being the strong one
Did I give her too much attention
Control was her illusion
Dont use my love
I’m so sorry I just gave it to her for free
What about me
She told me I was special and I know she meant it too
Dont you dare tell me how just let me care
I’m good at that I dont need any rules
Everyone wants someone worthy
Everyone wants to be good enough
NO love of my life always demanding constant proof
The silence turns to bitterness
False hope ended in disappointment
I was the one who walked away with nothing
She needed me and left me feeling empty
Was that punishment enough or should I just die alone
Revenge would make me so goddamn happy
Because there’s nothing left of what I dreamed of
The false hope of love’s fleeting fantasy
She couldn’t train me Still acting like its anyone’s fault but her own……