By: PNKRK244~ 

I am here
 In a haze
 I see you
 all my love
 will greet you
 I have nothing
 but I love you
 Part 2
 please sit with me flower
 I crave your scent
 dew covered petals
 that stretch in the morning
 toward the sun
 Am I a fool to love
 the breeze as it floats
 by on its journey?
 Am I a sage to open
 my heart to being alive
 I can not say more
 the light that shines
 behind these words.
 I hope you know
 that I am real
 and stricken, and content
 with darkness no more
 to hell with art and pretty words
 the sounds like blocks that tumble
 to a frozen earth
 I will write my greatest poem
 upon your lips with mine