By: PaysConteur~

So tender and warm, so fair the unknown view,
a scene from within, or a image far away.
A clear glass window lies deep within you
when the heart gleams with your love’s warmest ray.
We search within looking out the window.
Close to the heart may be far from the eye.
Further than our dreams upon the pillow,
fading love prompts the aging heart to sigh.
Nothing could appease nothing could console;
the deep heartfelt seas no moon can control.
Soft eyes like starlight penetrate the soul
dreaming far dreams helps the heart to feel whole.
Longing, we ardently wish to believe
the art of loving, the heart of our own.
Rapture stirs and our heart waits to receive
the loving warmth the changing world has shown.
The miracle of love changes each day,
our joy, and our laughter, after the tears.
A world of horizons lives faraway,
where the heart will measure the passing years.
We can’t always see what loving hearts feel.
Within every heart there is a hope of
something wishful, along with what is real.
 A breathtaking view, a window to love.